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Liverpool Docks Waterfront



Located in the northwest of England, Liverpool is the fifth largest metropolis in Great Britain, with a population of approximately 2.4 million people. It combines a port, extensive tourism, academia, culture, sports and of course, music. On top of this, Liverpool is also home to multiple investment opportunities with many revolutionary projects already being undertaken.This includes a modern £75 billion investment as part of a 20-year strategy, 17 regional improvement projects, a £400 million ship fleet, the expansion of Anfield Stadium and a new Everton football stadium in the city centre.


Plans are also underway for regional rail and high-speed rail direct to London - so with such ambitious expansions underway, Liverpool investment opportunities are a hot topic.

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High angle view of Liverpool skyline, England, UK


✓ There are 5 universities in the city, with about 250,000 students a year

✓ There is a huge film production studio in the city, which is used by Netflix, among others

✓ Liverpool presents excellent investment opportunities for property investors

✓ Historically, Liverpool has had low value assets, which means there is ever increasing potential

The rental market in Liverpool is very strong. The NHF (National Housing Federation) predicts that demands for rental properties in Liverpool will continue to grow.

The fact that the average capital increase over the last couple of years has been 7.1% means there is no better time than now to take advantage of the low exchange rate.

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