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Why Should You Buy A Home To Let As A Holiday Home?

There are many benefits of buying a house to enjoy yourself on occasion and to let out to others. This blog aims to enlighten you on the financial benefits of holiday homes to let investments.


Increase in Staycations

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are still apprehensive about travelling abroad and boarding planes. According to a recent analysis of public data, 73% of individuals are now more inclined to choose "staycations" in the UK than trips overseas in the coming year.

As well as fears surrounding covid-19, many are very conscious about the impact regular flying has on the environment. More than any other kind of transportation, aircraft have the fastest-growing emissions. Since 2013, CO2 emissions from aircraft inside Europe alone have climbed by 28%, while emissions from other sectors have decreased.

Despite the soaring cost of living which has increased by over 14% in less than 6 months, one in three UK tourists expect to take at least one vacation over the next 12 months. This demonstrates how investing in holiday lets is still a lucrative business.

Tax Benefits

Due to the fact that furnished vacation rentals are considered a company, you may qualify for a number of tax incentives that aren't accessible to buy-to-let landlords. Mortgage interest tax relief, business rates relief, capital gains tax relief, and income offset are a few of the holiday let tax relief benefits. Investors in vacation rentals will undoubtedly find the tax benefits more alluring than those in long-term rentals.

Own Personal Getaway

You may enjoy holidays without having to worry about locating and paying for a place to stay if you own a vacation home. You can invite family and friends to join you on your retreat.

Many people who purchase vacation homes do so intending to use it as their primary residence after they retire. In the meanwhile, it's paying the bills, saving you money on other vacations, and bringing in extra money.

Contributions to a pension

For pension reasons, the income you get from a furnished vacation rental is categorised as Net Relevant Earnings (NRE), which enables you to make tax-favoured pension contributions.

At Lev Properties we can help advise you on buying a property to let as a holiday home to make sure you receive the best return on your investment. We have a wide selection of beautiful holiday lets for sale all across Liverpool which are ready to be viewed. Please get in

contact today for further information.

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