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Simple Ways To Create A Family-Friendly Holiday Let

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Making your holiday let family-friendly means you can increase your variety of holidaymakers and open up your holiday let to families as well as couples for example. This in turn will mean your holiday lets could increase in popularity therefore providing you with a quicker return on your property investment.

Baby in a high chair

1. Pick durable and Easy Clean Furniture

It will benefit you to consider practically while making judgments about how to equip your home. Cream couches and carpets will be a constant source of concern for parents, as well as possible cleaning issues for you.

Make your holiday home as durable as you can in terms of decoration. When you need to clean the paintwork, durability or wipeable paint will be welcomed. Additionally, it is far simpler to clean laminate floors, floorboards, and tiles than it is to clean carpet.

Both leather and microfiber textiles look good and are simple to maintain. Consider contract-grade velvet that has been treated to resist stains if you want something that feels more opulent and is right on style. This will make it easier to wipe off dirt and bacteria by keeping them on the surface, which will be appreciated if a family has a particularly young child.

2. Provide Baby Equipment

Try to make things as simple as you can for parents of small children by having equipment that is suitable for babies to hand. The sort of equipment that could be useful is the following:

- A high chair

- A cot

- A baby monitor

- A blender

- Changing mats

- Designated nappy bin

3. Electrical Safety

Covered electrical plugs are baby-proof. The 'blank plug' type, which you insert into the holes of the socket itself, is not recommended by experts. Instead, use a lockable cover that goes directly over the casing of the power outlet. When a plug is in the outlet, a properly-fitted plug socket cover may be closed, locking the plug into place and preventing curious children's fingers from accidentally touching the metal pins. So that you don't overlook any sockets, get down on your hands and knees and scan the area as there may be sockets you could easily overlook.

4. Insert child-resistant window locks.

This is a crucial step in baby-proofing your holiday let as it prevents your toddler from unintentionally opening the windows. When closing windows, never forget to lock them. Adults in the home should be aware of the whereabouts of the keys of window locks or restrictors so that the windows may be opened in the case of a fire.

Lev Properties can offer guidance on buying holiday lets in Liverpool to make sure you receive the most return on your investment. We have a wide selection of exquisite holiday lets in Liverpool that may be viewed at your convenience. To learn more, get in contact with us.

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